Scamming & Phishing - How to Spot Fake Emails?

Scamming/Phishing is a massive issue globally for individuals and businesses alike.  In 2014 alone, Microsoft estimated that such scams cost the world a whopping $4 billion annually! Each day,  scammers and spammers send out millions of fake emails, pretending to be legitimate companies in the hope that just one person will:

  • Click the attached link (every click is tracked) this means you and your email address will be an easy target for future attacks/scammers
  • Fill out a form with your email and password -  these details may unlock other accounts (e.g. your email account, social media/Paypal etc) allowing future scams. 
  • Reveal their credit card details 
  • Click a link that takes you to another scam page, where the scammer generates a lead and then earns a commission from a 3rd party etc.

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