Easy Cybersecurity steps to keep hackers at bay

Easy Cybersecurity steps to keep hackers at bay

Look our for a great article in today’s Irish Times ‘Cybersecurity steps to keep hackers at bay’ (Ciara O’Brien)

According to the UN International Telecommunication Union’s Global Cybersecurity index, Ireland ranked 26th against 194 other countries and territories around the world, behind Germany and the UK, but ahead of other European countries such as Italy. Despite the threats and risks to personal and work cybersecurity, there are plenty of super-easy steps we can take to keep safe. Some great steps have already been taken by our banks and email providers, but as individuals we just need to educate ourselves on the threats and pitfalls and make some simple changes to our daily habits.

And the main threats include:

  • Phishing scams

  • Reusing and recycling passwords

  • Blackmail and ransomware

  • Clicking on unsolicited links or ‘too god to be true’ pop ups

  • Un-encrypted mobile devices

  • Social Media - divulging too much information

  • Not Installing scheduled updates and Patches

  • Lax Security / not installing Two-factor authentication

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