7 Scams to be aware of (and why we think Conor Pope is God!)

7 Scams to be aware of (and why we think Conor Pope is God!)

We think this is a really great article from Conor Pope in this morning's Irish Times - it's worth taking time out to look at his synopsis of the most common scams listed below, but in addition we advise you take on board the following advice: 

  • Always read your emails carefully (watching you for tell tell tale grammatical errors, spelling mistakes) 

  • Make a habit of hovering (never click) over the sender's details as it can reveal bogus email addresses when you take a closer look

  • Never give details to unsolicited calls from Microsoft, your bank or any company who proclaims that your financial or email accounts are in danger

  • We strongly advise that organisations don't put details of their financial or accounts staff on their company website as were have seen a huge increase in personalised targeting of such staff. 

  • And finally, watch out for fake Office 365 notification emails, especially links to fake 365 websites or log on screens that just that pop up on your computer

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