Have you seen the Microsoft Twins Challenge?

Have you seen the Microsoft Twins Challenge?

Microsoft pitted identical twins against each other - one using Office 365 and the other Office 2019, with some very amusing and informative results.

Microsoft’s three newly published videos focus on the main components of the Office product suite: Power Point, Word and Excel and use identical twins to liven things up. The new ad campaign was launched by Microsoft to basically promote Office 365 over Office 2019 - bashing its traditional Office suite to promote the subscriptions based 365 service.

So, what does this mean? For Microsoft, it means that it is moving from being a product based company to being a service based company - they no longer want to sell licenses on a CD, DVD, or via download. Instead, Microsoft (just like Netflix) wants you to rent a service indefinitely….and it’s most-definitely worth a look!

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The Excel Challenge

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