Work Securely from Anywhere

We offer you the very best GDPR compliant Cloud solutions that help you reduce costs and complexity in your business through Microsoft ® Office 365 (including Sharepoint) Microsoft Email System, Avast Cloud Care, which offer a number of flexible plans to help meet your business needs - no matter how big or small. 

With Office 365 you can work from virtually anywhere and working remotely is a breeze.  When you are not at the office, you can access your Inbox with Outlook Web App, view and edit documents with Office Web App whilst Avast keeps your computers and network protected and your in-box in ship shape!  

Cloud Backup

With Right-Click cloud backup service, your data is always safe and secure - right here in Dublin - in the Microsoft Data Centre. Right-Click has developed its own cloud backup service on the Microsoft Azure Platform.   

Our cloud backup system, ensures that all our clients benefit from the complete compliance and security that Microsoft offer along with the peace of mind that you are protected against on-site disasters ( theft, fire, flood) and malware attacks. And it's all GDPR compliant too! 

Like traditional anti-virus, but less hands on and managed by Right-Click. Right- Click have partnered with Avast/AVG to bring you the very best in managed anti-virus and security solutions. 

  • Installed by our technicians on your laptops and desktops

  • Subscription never lapse - renew annually for you

  • Peace of mind as major threats managed by Right-Click remotely

  • No more annoying pop-ups for you due to our remote management

  • Lightweight solution that won’t slow down your employees or your business

For more information on Cloud Solutions drop us a line or call Jas or Brian on (01) 4759681

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