When things go wrong with your precious computer, we have the experience and expertise to help you get your computer back up and running in super-fast time – and we make sure your precious data is kept as safe and sound as possible. 

At Right-Click, we're experts in computer repair.  We assess and repair all makes and models of desktop and laptop, and we can provide you with free over the counter advice on a vast range or problems.  And because we’ve been around for so long, our reputation is unparalleled. Our staff possess a level of technical knowledge and experience that allows us to give you total quality, jargon-free customer care & independent sales advice.

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  • Failed Updates: Boot failures are common on larger Windows 10 updates, we repair these within 12 - 24 hours.

  • Virus, Trojan or Malware Removal: Do you suspect there is a virus on your computer because our computer is behaving strangely? Our technicians can detect, remove and cleanse your system of viruses, malware and trojans… all while safeguarding your precious data. (from €79)

  • Software Installation: We sell and install software such as anti-virus, printer software, Mircosoft Office etc. (from €19)

  • Operating System Install Service: We can install any operating system to your computer’s specification. We can upgrade your operating systems to Windows 8, downgrade to Windows 7 or simply re-install your existing system when your computer is behaving badly! ( from €49)

  • Data Transfer: We can transfer your data from one computer or hard drive to another, ideally to back-up your valuable information for save it when its vulnerable. (from €39)

  • PC Tune Up / Poor Performing PC: Helps get your computer running faster! We clean out temporary files, clean registry & run updates + upgrade advice. Only available to working PC’s with no viruses. (from €49)

  • Factory Restore: We take your computer back to its original state, just like the day you bought it. We Restore Factory Settings and Delete Hard-Drive contents. (from €49)

  • Data Recovery: We provide a range of data recovery services from small USB drives all the way up to internal and external hard drives that have suffered either hardware failure or software corruption – and we’re generally pretty successful too! We provide a free over the counter assessment of you drive and will advise on whether your damaged hard drive is suitable for data recovery, and on the best recovery route to take

  • New Computer Setup :This ‘no-stress’ service helps you get up and running quickly and easily. We set up any software, parental controls, install any peripherals purchased and transfer data from your old computer. (from € 39)

  • Mail Problems: Email problems? We can get your Microsoft Office Outlook, or iPhone working flawlessly in a jiffy! (from €39)

  • Password Reset: Forgotten your password? Locked out of your computer? We can get you back on track with our password reset service.

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Pop into us at  Right-Click,  70 Camden Street, Dublin 2 to discuss your computer repair.   We're open from 9am - 5.30pm from Monday to Friday.  No Appointment Necessary.