Need a Water Damaged MacBook Repair? We offer a specialist repair and clean up service for liquid damaged laptops and Apple Macs following liquid spills. We offer a strip down and dry out service to rescue your computer – water, tea, coffee, wine, beer, juice, milk, or water spills.

‘Merlot on your Mac or Tea on your Toshiba?’

Liquids and electricity don’t mix - and any liquid spills on electronic devices are generally bad news.  With specialist our specialist chemical clean service, we can clean up your water damaged MacBook in a jiffy! The first point of contact for most liquid damage to most laptop computers is generally the keyboard. And whilst external keyboards on desktop computers are easy to clean or replace, MacBook keyboards more complex as laptop as they are connected directly to the motherboard by thin cables.  This can either cause fatal damage or can simply short circuit the keyboard, causing some of the keys to stop working.

Simply drying off the water damaged MacBook and keyboard is a start, and although your computer may work initially – sticky residue from coffee or sugary or alcoholic drinks can cause slow long term damage in the form of mould, mildew, or corrosion taking sometimes weeks, or months for the full extent of the damage to become apparent.  As part of our water damaged MacBook repair service we offer a ‘Strip Down & Dry Out’ service which addresses all external and internal issues of a spill. And we can replace a keyboard if needed, as well as check and remove all signs of liquid damage or corrosion too. 

We have high success rates (70%) on damage caused after a laptop liquid spill. This service takes at least 2- 4 days, as your laptop will be completely dismantled so each part can be fully dried out until it is ready to be put back together again.  We can then try to start your laptop to assess the damaged parts (if any) or look at whether further chemical cleaning is needed if it fails to turn at this stage.

water damaged macbook pro - Evidence of Corrosion

water damaged macbook pro - Evidence of Corrosion

Water Damaged MacBook Repair Service - What's included?

  • MacBook Strip Down & Dry Out Service: Costs €79 (this fee includes data recovery or transfer if required). If we can get your precious Apple Mac working fully - there is an additional €100 fee.

  • Full Corrosion Chemical Cleaning: if needed there is an additional fee but it’s not charged if your device does not recover fully.

  • Replacement Keyboard / RAM / Drives: replaced if needed & quoted in advance.

  • Data Transfer: to other drives if needed at no additional cost.

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