Are you worried that you have some kind of malware or virus on your Mac?   It's often said that Apple Macs don't get malware or viruses -  while this is still true of devices based on iOS, (such as the iPhone or iPad)  iMac's and MacBooks are still vulnerable.  

Do you suspect that there’s a virus on your Apple Mac because it's behaving strangely? Our virus removal service can detect, remove and cleanse your system of all types of viruses, malware, adware and trojans… all while safeguarding your precious data.

Computer viruses are created by humans and are designed to interfere with normal computer operations, they can lock you out of your computer, cause data corruption, steal your password/id and even erase all data stored on your Apple Mac.  Most viruses are designed to harm your Apple Mac by damaging the system, deleting files or stealing your personal /banking passwords. Spyware may look innocent with simple pop up adverts,  but can also be very harmful to your data and personal security.

Apple Mac Virus Removal at Right-Click – What’s Included?

  • A full hardware scan – to make sure your Hard Drive is healthy before we do any further work
  • An full scan for viruses, browser hijaks, trojans & malware
  • We remove any of your unwanted programmes and/or malicious software
  • We re-set web browsers
  • Complete any windows updates needed
  • Offer you Kaspersky for 1 year at a discounted price – fully installed
  • Give you a 90 day guarantee on all our work
  • Virus removal generally costs €79 and additional work is charged at a reduced cost. 

Symptoms of Virus, Trojan or Spyware Infection

  • Your Apple Mac runs slower than usual, stops responding, or locks up frequently.
  • You are suddenly locked out of your computer.
  • Applications on the computer do not work correctly.
  • Disks or disk drives are inaccessible.
  • You cannot print items correctly.
  • You see unusual error messages, distorted menus or new icons on desktop.
  • An antivirus program is disabled, cannot be restarted or will not run.
  • Sudden and inexplicable data loss.
  • Strange sounds or music plays from the speakers unexpectedly.
  • A program disappears from the computer even though you didn’t remove it.

Call or email us now for details on our Apple Mac Virus Removal Service. No Booking Necessary.