At Right-Click

  • we do not collect more information than is necessary

  • we do not use your data for purposes other than those specified

  • we do not keep your data if it is no longer needed

  • we do not share your data with third parties

  • we do not send marketing newsletters or spam sales emails

  • we use the appropriate technical measures to ensure that your data is securely stored on our system

1. When you Visit our Right-Click Website

You can visit our website without giving away your personal information. Right-Click uses Google Analytics and Cookies in order to improve our service, user experience and analyse how the website is used.  Other than the approximate location (IP address), the information collected by Google Analytics is mostly anonymous traffic data including browser information, device information, language.  We do not collect additional information, such as your age, gender, interests or bank details.

The collected information is used to provide an overview of how people are accessing and using our website and is not used for any additional purpose, such as to profile those who access our website.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the Right-Click website only. Our website contains links to other websites and once redirected to another website, this Privacy Policy is no longer applicable.

2. When you Contact us or Fill out an Online Form

While you can use our website without giving out your personal information, once you contact us via an email link or form, then Right-Click collects information about you. The information you fill in (personal information such as your name, email address, phone number) will be processed and stored so that it is possible for us to contact and respond to your queries.

3. When you Book a Computer for Repair into our Shop

We only collect and store data that is relevant to your repair. We don’t share data with 3rd parties and will only correspond with you in relation to your repair. Our ticketing system stores the data provided by you and our technicians on a password protected, encrypted site which is stored locally in Ireland. The booking in sheet ( which is signed by you) is shredded following upload to our ticketing system.  You have the right to access, rectify or remove your data on our ticketing system but please note that your stored data may be useful if you require future repairs or have warranty issues. For GDPR purposes, all data on our ticketing system is deleted every 12-15 months. Computers that are not collected after 60 days are recycled at an external WEEE recycling facility, and all additional personal data saved on systems is removed every 90 days - we adhere strictly to this policy.

4. When you Make a Purchase in our Store

When you make a purchase at Right-Click by cash there is no personal data collected. Our credit card handling facility is PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant and this is audited and renewed annually.  Personal data collected on our till system for non-account holding customers is limited to name, address, email and phone number and is only collected when requested by customer to add their name to a sales invoice.  This information is inputted by our staff on behalf of customers.

5. Social Media Plug-Ins

Our website features three plug-ins for easy sharing and following our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Being on our website does not automatically result in sharing data on these social media networks. These plugins remain inactive (idle) until clicked upon. Once clicked upon, you will be taken to the said social media networks with their own specific privacy policies you are recommended to consult.

6. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

For security, safety and liability purposes, Right-Click uses CCTV cameras in our shop and offices. Information recorded is retained for a short period (approximately 90 days), unless needed in connection with an investigation. A notice advising of CCTV is posted in our store. By visiting Right-Click, you consent to our use of such cameras and the recording of your information.

7. Data Storage & Security

At Right-Click we do our upmost to ensure the security of personal data.  When we collect information about you, we also make sure that your information is protected from unauthorised access, loss, manipulation, falsification, destruction or unauthorised disclosure. This is done through appropriate technical measures. Personal data collected and stored at Right-Click is retained for no longer than necessary for the purpose for which it is acquired. We recognise that personal data may not be retained indefinitely. Personal and personal sensitive data is safely stored and retained in compliance with GDPR requirements and processing is limited. Personal data held for backup purposes is removed/deleted every 90 days.

8. Recruitment

If you apply for a job with Right-Click we will collect, process and store the information you have sent us for recruitment-related purposes, such as contacting you. Additionally, Right-Click may keep your data for a period of up to 1 year for the purpose of considering you for a different opportunity.

9. Information Correction & Deletion

If you believe that the information we have about you is incorrect, please contact us so we can update it and keep your data accurate. If you wish to delete your data from any of our system, please email us at and we will do so immediately. Please note that due to the nature of our business, deleting your stored data  may have implications regarding future repairs or warranty issues.

10. Access to your Data

You have the right to request access to the information we have on you, including CCTV footage. You can do this by contacting us at We will make sure to provide you with a copy of the data we process about you. In order to comply with your request, we may ask you to verify your identity.  We will fulfil your request by sending your copy electronically, unless the request expressly specifies a different method.  The first request made by a customer is free or charge but may be subject to an administrative fee for further requests. 

11. Changes to this Privacy Statement

We retain the right to update, change and erase any part of this privacy statement at any time. Any changes will be published here immediately. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy. We constantly review our Privacy Policy and strive towards making it better.

12. Contacting Us

Please contact us regarding your data (including CCTV footage) at any time: If you have any additional questions about Right-Clicks access to your data including data rectification, erasure, restriction or portability, please contact us at: Right-Click, 70 Camden Street, Dublin 2  (01) 4759681

Right-Click closely follows and adopts the principles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679