An Apple iMac SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade is the single biggest upgrade you can give your precious iMac. Give it some oomph with a Solid State Drive upgrade today.

Nothing has done more for general computing performance in the past 5 years, than the Solid State Drive. SSD stands for Solid State Drive, it’s a drive quite similar to a traditional USB memory stick, except that the SSD can be thought of as an oversized and more sophisticated version. There are no moving parts to a SSD and all data is stored in microchips on the drive. Unlike a traditional hard drive which uses a mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information spinning metal platters, this is the difference that makes the SSD so much faster do its direct and efficient reading and storing of data.

A new SSD can speed up your iMac in several ways:

  • Start-up times will be significantly reduced

  • Launching applications will speed up

  • Saving and opening documents will speed up

  • File copying and duplication speeds will improve

  • Your system will feel much snappier

An SSD will not hold as much data as a regular Hard Drive and they are more expensive per GB of storage. But if you are storing movie, video or photographs on separate external drive or in the cloud – then 250GB of space should be plenty for the average needs.

SSD Costs:

  • 250GB Solid State Drive from €84.99

  • 500GB Solid State Drive from €139.99

  • 1TB Solid State Drive from €199.99

Cost of iMac SSD Installation: We offer a clean installation service for new solid state drives from €99 and can transfer data and completely clone your system of €139